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Houde Food Co., Ltd. is located in Dongliao County, Jilin Province, one of the three golden maize zones in the world, at the foot of Changbai Mountain in Northeast China.

It was founded in 2007 with a registered capital of 405.9 million yuan. It is a whole industry chain enterprise integrating grain storage, feed processing, layer breeding, biomass energy, egg deep processing and egg food production. It has several subsidiaries, includ


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405.9M Yuan

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20B Yuan

Total asset

8M Chicken

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Step into the nature, relax, be grateful···

In order to encourage the equipment operation support department to make outstanding contributions to the company, the approval department of the company organized a field development training. On July 26, 2020, the company will recruit training center and equipment operation guarantee The business department jointly organized and launched the outward bound training with the theme of "go into the nature to relax and be grateful for the company's continuous efforts". The training place is yuelongwan villa, the summer resort.Along the way, there were lots of laughter and laughter, and a huge singing competition was organized on the bus. Everyone was full of expectation for the "Thanksgiving trip". Yuelongwan villa has beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. The team members are in it, as if they have come to a mysterious paradise. This outward bound training content is rich and colorful, interesting. First of all, the team leader and team leader of the team will be divided into two groups, namely, team leader, team leader and team leader. In the morning, it was difficult to get water from the battlefield. The morale of the two teams was high, and the team members worked together to complete it. Then there was a funny relay race and a hot tug of war competition. At noon, the company prepared a sumptuous lunch such as roast sheep for the team members. In the afternoon, the team members went swimming to relax, and then carried out activities full of suspense, such as the water splashing Festival and "the call of distant mountains". At the end of the activity, all the staff signed and wrote their speeches on the six meter long paper, and took a group photo to commemorate the event.The one-day outward bound training soon ended. It was a full and happy day. All the members of the team participated actively. They were full of enthusiasm and high morale. They showed a good spirit and team spirit. The employees said that they should work harder and live up to the company's love. On the bus of the return journey, everyone's heart is still in the air. All the members of the team once again sing loudly and release their passion heartily. The outward bound training has achieved a complete success.Attachment: activity photo


Series reports on employee activities---···

In order to stimulate employees' professional skills, a large-scale forklift competition was held in July 2020. There were 30 participants in the competition. All of them have forklift certificates. The teams included food storage department, egg storage department and loading &unloading service team. The three groups were held at the same time. The competition items include: wide goods in and out of narrow doors; high difficulty folding tray; water cup passing through S-bend and so on. The company recruitment and training center organizes security, assessment, interns and other volunteers to serve as referees, scorers and cheerleaders. The forklift trucks shuttled back and forth, sometimes carrying a piece of gold, sometimes flashing and moving. All the participants were scrambling for each other. Some were flushed, some were busy sweating, some were lamenting for an action, and some were celebrating for the completion of the action. The audience cheered one after another, and the scene was full of enthusiasm inside and outside the stadium. After intense competition, the top three teams came into being: food storage group: Yunfeng Dong , Xiaodong Yang , Ruiyu Li ; egg storage cold storage group: Tian Dan, Liu Yukun, Liu Honggang; loading and unloading service team: Baozhong Bian , Yuan Wei, Fuyang Cui .After the competition, a warm awarding activity was held. All the winners were excited, and they all cried out "we are champions!" , leaving an unforgettable moment, the competition ended in the sound of happy music.Attachment: activity silhouette


"Houde Cup" testing knowledge competitio···

On June 28, 2020, "Houde Cup" testing knowledge competition was held in our testing center. All the staff of the testing center participated in the competition and were divided into two groups, one group was the "salad dressing team" and the other was the "marinated egg team", with 4 members in each group. In order to meet the competition, the team members began to prepare a month in advance, seizing every opportunity to learn, and some took the bus time to study. Nine interns of the company went to the scene to observe and learn, and cheered for the team members as cheerleaders. The competition is divided into three parts: the first part is the required question, the second part is the rush answer question, and the third part is the risk question. There are two kinds of questions: 20 points and 50 points. If the answer is wrong, the corresponding score will be deducted. The competition process was tense and fierce. The team members took a serious attitude and did not give in to each other. The scores of the two teams rose alternately. Finally, after three rounds of competition, the "salad dressing" team won the championship with 150 points. After the competition, an award ceremony was held, and all the participants and cheerleaders took pictures.Through this competition, the team members not only deepen their understanding of business knowledge, but also activate the corporate culture of employees through the competition. The team members have achieved the level and style of the competition, and the continuous applause and laughter on the scene have achieved the purpose of holding this activity.Attachment: competition photo

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